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PS - English is not my first language so bear with me!

The lessons

Position Sizing

Winning rate


Best Entries

Fees & Compounding

Trading System

Leveraged Fees

DCA & Bag Holding

Don't use leverage

Don't fit the past

Spread Risk

3 Market Types


Course #13

Bot trading basics

Different Bots

PSAR Setup

Bot Features

Trasnfer Metamask to Leger

Metamask to Ledger (short version)

Small TF and Large TF

The PSAR indicator

The PSAR Indicator is an algorithm that anyone should be able to learn and reproduce on TradingView. Use these PineScript Coding Courses.

I give you FREE ACCESS to it.

PSAR is a scalper that seeks small gains.

You can trade on the 1 min timeframe.

You can use the 3commas version OR the Alertatron version.

You will use TradingView to generate signals.

Trade on the 1 min timeframe

BNBUSDT on Bybit

Use 3commas or Alertatron

This is who receives the signal and execute the orders

Use TradingView

This is the platform that executes the signals

PineScript Coding Courses

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3



This trade was taken without any human interaction, without any thinking - just simple trading with an automated bot.