CODING Courses

Level 1:

  1. 10 lines of code.

  2. learn to plot 2 moving averages on your chart.

  3. learn to create a signal from a crossover.

  4. learn the very basics of Pine Script algo.

Level 1 is easily accessible from the TradingView script page of my profile.

Just click here.

Level 2:

  1. 27 lines of code.

  2. a complete trading strategy that you can even use!

  3. learn to create signals from multiple conditions.

You can click on Request Access for Level 2. Once I receive your request and your TV username, I will share it with you.

Request Access.

Level 3:

  1. 62 lines of code.

  2. a complete trading strategy that you can even use - that one returns +100% on the 1 hour timeframe.

  3. learn to use other functions, learn to use all types of variables, calculate profits, etc.

You can send me a message on TradingView, I just want to make sure you went through the content of Level 2 before getting Level 3.

Request Access.

DO NOT GET SCARED to learn basic coding and start using your own ideas to generate money. There is nothing else more rewarding in life than that.

If I was able to do it, you will also be able to do it. I am not talking about C++ or Java, Python or whatever other animal out there, I am talking about TradingView PineScript - it is frankly not hard and with a little of trial and error you can do it.

I have put together these 3 simple levels and I think in the future I will open access to more complicated algos I have put together.